Welcome on the website of German Food Clusters

The German metacluster of the food processing industry

In 2012, the four major food networks foodRegioGIQSNieKE and FPI established a meta-platform to support the further development of the German food industry through innovative projects.


This is - especially in light of the still insufficient knowledge about the actual innovation capacity of the food industry - a task which a single network, of course, could not create on its own.


All four networks are members of the initiative go-cluster which is managed by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy. Objectives in the go-cluster initiative are:


Further development of efficient innovation clusters in Germany to internationally excellent clusters, regular analysis of trends of international cluster policy to obtain recommendations for the direction of German cluster activities and to promote the development and implementation of innovative Cluster Services as input for the cluster managements.


On the following pages you will find detailed information on the individual networks and our tasks and objectives.


We wish you a pleasant reading.