foodRegio - The North German Food Industry Network

Founded: 2005
Members: 66

Focus areas:

procurement, logistics, human resources, market & communication, quality & certification, innovation, packaging

process innovation (energy, raw materials, cleaning, logistics), product innovation (trend radar, trend workshops, R&D), qualification programs, internationalisation

International projects:

Denmark, Finland, France, India, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden

The network

foodRegio has been established in 2005 by leading food processing enterprises as well as R&D facilities and universities in Germany’s most northern provinces. Due to its demand-driven approach of delivering value-adding projects, the membership base has grown consistently and now comprises major parts of the food supply chain. foodRegio activities concentrate on projects in process and product innovation which are supplemented by qualification programs for all levels – starting from trainees to management.


The high concentration of food processing enterprises in the areas of cereals, spices, confectionery, fine food and ingredients makes the headquarter location Lübeck the ideal spot for international enterprises and institutions seeking to develop the German-speaking food markets. The unique geographical position of foodRegio close to the Baltic Sea is an exceptional advantage. This proximity favours cross-border cooperation between food processing enterprises and food-related institutions. Based on this accessibility to Europe’s fastest growing economic region, foodRegio has initiated the association of Baltic Sea Region food networks, baltfood. The baltfood secretariat is also located in Lübeck making this Hanseatic City a hotspot for the food sector.

Get in contact

Address: foodRegio e.V., Falkenstr. 11, 23564 Lübeck, Germany
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Björn P. Jacobsen



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